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Disclaimer: The views expressed on USTSustainingStudents are solely those of the blog post author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author’s employer, other organizations with which the author is associated, or other USTSustainingStudents authors.

Copyright: The copyright to all content on this blog belongs toUSTSustainingStudents and to the author of the content.

You are allowed to repost or republish an excerpt from a USTSustainingStudents post or page provided that the following terms are met:

Attribution: Credit the source as USTSustainingStudents and the individual author by name.

Link Back: Provide a hyperlink back to the USTSustainingStudents post or page from which the excerpt was taken. The link should point to the URL (Permalink) of the specific post, not to the USTSustainingStudents home page.

Limited Republishing: You may not republish the blog post in its entirety without first obtaining permission.

Non-commercial Use: You may not use USTSustainingStudents content or sell USTSustainingStudents content for commercial purposes.

Photographs: All photographs and other images posted on USTSustainingStudents that are not expressly credited to another source are the property of USTSustainingStudents and the originating contributor.

Photographs or images belonging to USTSustainingStudents and its authors may be displayed on non-commercial, educational, or personal websites as long as the appropriate attribution and link-back requirements are followed (see above).  Photographs or images should never be linked directly from USTSustainingStudents, but should be copied and uploaded to your own web server space.

Corrections: To report an error or an inaccurately attributed image on USTSustainingStudents, please post your correction via a comment to the applicable blog post and make sure you include your preferred email address. We will make the correction as appropriate. All comments submitted to USTSustainingStudents are moderated, so your requested correction will not be made public.

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