Natural World-Mississippi River Model Course, Summer 2013: Michele Goodson

Goodson Image 2

Garlic Mustard, and invasive species studied by Michele and other students.

This post was submitted by Michele Goodson, a Junior majoring in Family Studies. It is one of a series of posts regarding Dr. Lim’s Summer class, Natural World- Mississippi Model.

The Independent Study Class-Natural World-Mississippi Model, taught by Dr. Lim, has changed the way I will think and feel about the Mississippi River for the rest of my life.  I have learned more about the area of the Mississippi River and the 72 miles of park land that surround this area than I could have ever imagined. 

We studied a lot about invasive species.  Plants, animals, fish, and birds all need certain foods and a specific environment to thrive in their natural habitat.  If an invasive species enters a new habitat and takes over, it can change the entire biodiversity of the ecosystem.  Our class did a small part in helping the park service eliminate some garlic mustard, an invasive species, in Hidden Falls Park this summer. 

Goodson Image 3

We also stenciled curbs in the neighborhood near UST.  “Please don’t pollute-Drains to Mississippi River”. We visited six parks, the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Science Museum.  All of the fieldwork we participated in was educational and made a lasting impression.

Education is the key along with action and commitment.  Think globally!  The natural resource we are so fortunate to have in our neighborhood affects more than you and me.  We can all make a difference by the little things we do every day.  

For more information and images regarding Michele’s experience, her Power Point can be viewed Here.

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